AOG people are defined and united by our values – Alert, Principled and Adaptable. These values were born of a unique mix of talent and personalities that have forged our distinctive culture and identity.

Our values lie at the heart of our success. Thanks to them, we are recognised for our talent for recognising and developing new opportunities, without comprising our principles of fairness and equality.

As a distinctive culture like ours is created and sustained by distinctive people, we seek to attract and retain people with particular personal qualities:

  • Ambitious, but not self-serving
  • Bright and well-educated, but not arrogant or self-important
  • Results-oriented, but not greedy
  • High achievers, but highly-principled
  • Quick and intuitive, but thoughtful and never rash
  • Responsible and dependable, but responsive and engaging
  • Team players, not prima donnas
  • Internationally-minded, not locally-focused
  • Independent thinkers, not corporate clones
  • Genuinely eclectic... different nationalities, cultures, mother tongues... all united by a common sense of purpose and the desire to succeed.

Here, we share some of the things our people said as we refined the expression of our identity:

"We value flexibility, creativity and a positive "can-do" attitude."


"All firms say they are ethical, but fairness is part of our culture. We never exploit people. We are scrupulously ethical and always take a long-term, future-oriented view."


"We are independent-minded self-starters. There is no dogma, no artificial limits, we are always looking for new ways to do things better."


"We are always ready for new opportunities and alert to new ideas."