We are a private investment group founded in Geneva in 1987, by three experienced and enthusiastic energy professionals, with an expertise in international trade and in-depth knowledge of Africa. We have, ever since, been characterised by a lively 'can-do' spirit and an instinctive ability to recognise new business opportunities.

We were quick to recognise the investment potential in sub-Saharan Africa, knowing that we had the skills and capabilities to embrace local business cultures without compromising our core principles of fairness and equality. This earned us a reputation for integrity in a region more used to exploitation.

Because AOG has always been privately owned, we have avoided the short-term demands of institutional shareholders and kept our sights fixed on long-term growth.

We quickly extended from oil trading into oil and gas product storage and distribution in response to the energy needs of consumers and business across sub-Saharan Africa. Today, our trading and downstream businesses are one integrated business (Oryx Energies). We developed an upstream exploration and production business (Addax Petroleum) in 1994, which we sold to Sinopec in 2009, before creating a new upstream business (Oryx Petroleum), the following year. Oryx Petroleum was divested in 2020. In 2008, we pioneered a new sugarcane bioenergy and renewable electricity project in Sierra Leone (Addax Bioenergy), which began production in 2014 and made first sales in early 2015, before we transferred majority ownership to a group of investors led by Sunbird Bioenergy Africa in 2016. AOG has thus continuously driven development in regions that urgently needed it.

The flexibility to see the world through local eyes, while maintaining a global perspective has always been one of our major strengths. We are proud to be an eclectic mix of nationalities and cultures, united by AOG's neutral Swiss origin.

In 2010, we took the strategic decision to develop a commercial property investment portfolio in Europe and North America, and to further diversify our assets through other capital investments.

Versatility has always been second nature to AOG. We will continue to evolve and mature into an established (but never an establishment) firm, with the same adventurous spirit, and twist of the unexpected, to remind you of what has always made AOG such a distinctive and special group.

AOG history