Arnaud Talabardon

Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Arnaud Talabardon is Vice Chairman of AOG's Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is also Chairman of Oryx Energies’ Board of Directors. The Chief Investment Officer (CIO) & Chief Financial Officer (CFO) report to him as well as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Chief Legal Officer (CLO). The CEO of Oryx Energies also reports directly to Mr. Talabardon.

Prior to his appointment as CEO, Mr. Talabardon was Head of AOG Real Estate and Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO), as well as Managing Director of AOG's corporate services office in Geneva. He joined AOG as Deputy Group CFO in 1996 and was respectively CFO of AOG’s trading division (from 2002) and trading and downstream divisions (from 2004).

Mr. Talabardon has over 25 years of experience in the finance and energy industry, acquired notably at BNP Paribas Energy & Commodities in Geneva (Switzerland).

Arnaud Talabardon holds an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands, and a B.Sc. in International Management from IMIP-MBA (part of OMNES Education, formerly INSEEC U.), Paris (France).